Homemade Dog Treats

Jerky, Veggies, Fish

treat your pet to what they crave

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The benefits of a raw foods diet for your dog

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Dogs love the taste of raw foods

You get hearty nutrition from whole foods

Shinier coats, healthier skin, and cleaner teeth

No artificial ingredients

No preservatives disrupting your dog’s natural digestion

Why do some pet owners supplement diets with raw, natural foods?

Most store-bought dog food contains chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to a dog’s health, causing cancer and allergies. Some states allow slaughterhouse waste, road kill, and contaminated grain to be used in pet food production.

The solution?

A balanced diet with quality ingredients and nutritious treats made from whole foods. 

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Unleash the potential of raw foods using a food dehydrator. Make treats for training and adventures.

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A dehydrator allows you to harness the potential of raw foods by preserving their nutritious power.

And pet owners can find creative ways to make homemade dog food.

An owner's story

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Patrick makes dehydrated foods for his Siberian huskies, Conrad and Cara, using sweet potato and a combination of raw meats. By dehydrating his treats for additional time, Patrick's homemade dog food becomes crispy and breakable, allowing him to snap off little pieces for his huskies when they behave. Plus the crunchy treats keep Conrad’s and Cara’s teeth clean and plaque-free.

Owners like Patrick use quality ingredients to fuel their dogs through hikes, adventures, and outback trips. A helpful tip from Patrick: freeze your meats for easy slicing. This way you can make extra crispy jerky. Then strap a pack to your dog so that your canine can carry its own lightweight food.

Remember. No refrigeration needed with dehydrated, homemade dog food. 

The treats that can be made: the possibilities are endless

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Veggie treats galore.

Fruits and veggies are packed with vitamins essential to your canine’s diet.

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Do more with a raw foods diet and a dehydrator

Supplement kibble for raw foods that aid in your dog’s health. Apples provide a rich source of Vitamin C while green beans are full of iron.

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Practical. Essential. The way nature wants it. 

Owners use raw foods to provide a diet that a dog’s wild ancestors once ate.  

Some of the foods that dogs can eat:

  • Veggies: broccoli, spinach, celery, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, peas, spinach
  • Fruits: apples, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, mango, oranges, peaches (pitted), watermelon
  • Meats: beef, chicken, turkey, lamb
  • Fish (boneless): salmon, tilapia, tuna, cod

You make food for your whole family. Why not me, your beloved dog?

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Dehydrating Homemade Dog Foods: The Many Benefits

1. Foods do not spoil easily with a dehydrator

2. Make dog food and treats quickly

3. Allow your dog to become interested in new foods

4. Save money on long-lasting treats

5. No refrigeration needed

Healthy snacks. Happy dogs.

Create the best recipes for your dog's needs.

You have the imagination to create your own recipe for your needs.

Each canine is different, and the needs vary from one breed and personality to the next. You can innovate and try recipes to suit the needs of your dog. See our salmon jerky and coco-nutty treat recipes as examples.

Dogs with allergies? Kidney disease? Sensitive stomachs? Some pet food owners use a dehydrator to make treats out of mint, parsley, oats, and basil to combat their dog’s halitosis. But you can also use a dehydrator to make treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Pet food owners often use grain-free treats with pumpkin to soothe upset stomachs.

Experiment and create. Homemade dog treats at their best.

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How easy is it to use a dehydrator?

Answer: it’s easy.

Match the creativity and versatility of your dog treat recipes with a dehydrator up to the task. Meet SAHARA—the world’s first folding dehydrator. With the ability to fold to a ⅓ of its size, you have the freedom to store your dehydrator in compact spots while dehydrating over 11ft^2 (1m^2) of delicious DIY dog treats.

With a quiet and energy efficient operation, you can make your canine treats it will love. Set 2 different temperatures and 2 different times to run consecutively for up to 99 hours each.

Quick and effective. Power on. Power off.

Cut your veggies, fish, fruits, or meat in ¼ inch pieces. Place into the dehydrator for 8-12 hours. Done.

Check out our meat and fish jerky page for specific times and temperatures. 

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Go further. Create. Inspire yourself to make homemade dog food that will have your canine jumping with joy.

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