• Glass mugs filled with coffee

Double-Wall Insulated Glass Mugs (2)

Double-Wall Insulated Glass Mugs (2)


Set of 2 – Thick, hand-blown borosilicate glass provides a sturdy, crystal-clear construction both temperature and scratch resistant (-30°C to 530°C)

Double-wall dishwasher safe insulated structure keeps drinks hot/cold; and the outside of the mugs won't get too hot.

The double-wall construction removes any need for coasters or worrying about condensation.

Ergonomic hand-made contour and handle; fits a 10oz / 300ml drink comfortably.

Mesh Tea Infuser Basket

Mesh Tea Infuser Basket


Mesh Tea Infuser Basket

Crafted with polished stainless steel and precision micro-holes, our Mesh Tea Infuser Basket provides a quality, efficient way to steep your favorite teas.

Small enough to fit in most mugs and teacups, but big enough for teas to expand, circulate, and steep effectively.

2 ¾ in Diameter, 4 ⅞ in Handles, 3 in Height

Mesh Tea Infuser Basket

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The Brod & Taylor Glasses Collection. Double-wall mugs are beloved for their insulation and beauty, but Brod & Taylor's durable and thick borosilicate glass sets these apart. Our glass mugs are over-engineered to resist breaking, dropping, and scratching. Dishwasher safe and ideal for years of making delicious coffee, tea, hot chocolate, matcha, and more.

Double-Wall Insulation. Hot beverages retain their warmth and cold drinks keep their refreshing chill thanks to the double wall construction and extra-thick borosilicate glass.

two hands holding glass mug filled with coffee
Glass mugs and a tumbler filled with coffee

Hand-blown for Every Occasion. Our glassware collection caters to any beverage preference — whether you're waking up to a warm coffee, in the mood for a soothing cup of tea, or sipping mulled wine to savor the flavors of the season.

Best In Class. A new standard for double walled glass mugs: increased durability, upgraded insulation, and an improved ergonomic shape.

Glass mugs and a tumbler filled with coffee
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