• Carrying Case for Folding Proofer

Carrying Case for Folding Proofer

Carrying Case for Folding Proofer

Fits: Folding Proofer & Slow Cooker, accessory shelf with folding legs, power cord, and outside zippered pocket for extra storage.

Carrying handle, heavy duty zippers, and durable nylon construction with a padded base and an inside pocket with velcro closure.

Customer Reviews

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Frank C.
Finally, a case for all the pieces!

I wish you had a case available when I first bought my proofed. Now, I can easily keep the pieces together! Thank you!

Cheesecake E.A.B.
The Bag is a MUST HAVE!!!

I had planned on buying the proofer for bread making for a few weeks when one showed up at my door as a gift from a family member. The proofer is a must have. The fact that it is collapses and goes in the bag (sold separately) again a MUST HAVE. I own a licensed home bakery making cheesecakes there is no room for anything else in my house… until I found this … bread making is my hobby and I love it. The fact that I can set it up the proofer and use it anywhere, then collapse it down put it in the bag and store it anywhere is an absolute must for me. I quite simply live without it. There is quite literally leaven in the proofer right now as I type. I am so impressed with this product I will probably do a You Tube video and Tik Tok on its benefits as soon as I get a chance. There is no negative thing I can say about this amazing product. Cheesecake Etc. Artisan Bakers, Fairborn Ohio

Serge P.
100% recommended

I used to store the Brød & Taylor Proofer in its original shipping box, and I also had the extra Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs. Now with the Carrying Case for Folding Proofer, everything fits perfectly in the case. The case is very well made, it makes it easy to carry everything and also takes less space to store everything together. I recommend it to anyone who has the Brød & Taylor Proofer.

Carol W.
Love it!

It is so nice to be able to put my proofer away and know that it is clean and protected


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