• Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs

Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs

Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs


Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs for the Folding Proofer - Dimensions: 12.5" x 15" x 4" (Opened).

Creates a second level in the Proofer 4 inches higher. Ideal for proofing two sheet pans or four loaf pans.

Rack has fold out legs for easy storage. Legs are held in open position by clips that keep them from damaging loaves on lower shelf when placing in or removing from proofer.

Customer Reviews

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J. M.
Accessory Shelf for Proofer

Worth the cost to double the space. Very glad I purchased this extra shelf.

Georgette M.K.
So simple yet does monumental amount of work proofing

Better than I ever expected. Simple to set up or take down. Makes monitoring the progression of sourdough very simple. I love the extra warranty.

Eveline L.
Accessory shelf for bread proofer

I love it as I can make more croissant now. But wished you could sell the pan also, so I can just fit in w the bread proofer n bake it straight w the pan

Terri T.
Great Addition!

I ordered the folding proofer box for my husband’s birthday, and finally ordered the accessory shelf and case, after he tried to come up with a makeshift substitute to proof more loaves. You do have to be sure it is placed correctly, but works great! We love it!