The World's First Folding Dehydrator

Experience a New World of Food

Experience a New World of Food


Dehydrating food packs in powerful new experiences in flavor. Watermelon becomes magical. Mushrooms pure umami. Your taste buds will thank you forever.


Snacks with no additives. Fruit leathers filled with vitamins and fiber. Protein rich jerky. Carry it all in your pocket or store safely for months.


Slice and dry. Nothing could be easier. Enjoy the fresh goodness of a summer farmer’s market all year.

Homemade Jerky

Packed with protein for on the go energy
Make it pure with no additives or preservatives

Salmon Jerky

Beef Jerky

Healthy Snacks
Happy Dogs

Make healthy treats pets crave

Homemade Dog Treats

Sweet Potato Turkey

Coco Nutty Treats

Natural Herbs and Spices

Capture the goodness of your garden to enjoy year round

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7 Free Large Silicone Mats with the Sahara (Stainless Steel Shelves). Discount applied automatically (USA Only)

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Endless Foods.

Enjoy it all with a Sahara Dehydrator. Fresh dried foods are easy to make, great for recipes, and can keep for months or more.

“The Brod & Taylor SAHARA Folding Dehydrator and the Folding Proofer and Slow Cooker are essential to what I do. I’ve used these tools nearly every day since I got them. If you’re at all interested in doing bread, fermentation, dehydrating, or just about anything interesting in your cooking, then you need to have these in your kitchen.”

Joshua Weissman

The Slim Palate

“I recently received the new Brød & Taylor Sahara Food Dehydrator, a superbly designed dehydrator that eliminates the reason why I’ve not bought one previously: this one folds up into a compact little package for storage."

Maurizio Leo

The Perfect Loaf

“The first ever folding dehydrator! I love my Sahara Dehydrator because not only is it one of the most powerful dehydrators, but it’s also the first ever to be folding. Most dehydrators are very big and bulky. This design is a game changer and makes it so anyone can enjoy dehydrating at home without worrying about kitchen space.”

Mario Fabbri

Trying Vegan with Mario

Watch Mario get started with the Sahara


Quiet efficient fan. Fresh filtered air.

Optimized air circulation is provided by a quiet, highly efficient radial fan that balances a mixture of fresh and recirculated air to enhance food drying and energy efficiency. A washable and re-useable air filter ensures that dirt and contaminants are not drawn into the dehydrator.

Patented Dual Sensors and Dual Heaters. 

At 750W, the heating system has plenty of power for the largest loads of fresh fruit or the high temperatures needed for drying meat. The dual-heater system automatically switches to low power for more efficient operation when food is partially dry or for lower temperatures when drying raw food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
philip r.
Well built dehydrator

This is a very nice dehydrator that was well thought out. The purchase and delivery was very efficient. I waited a few weeks before commenting but I have had the dehydrator running almost 24/7 for three weeks and I really like it.

Sherilan W.

I really like the idea of a folding dehydrator because of the space-saving aspect but I was apprehensive about the sturdiness of the build. My doubts were quickly changed when I discovered how well-engineered and solid the unit is. Eleven square feet of stainless racks, filtered air intake, and sophisticated 2 stage time/temp controls are just the beginning. This is a thing of beauty. I’d recommend getting the optional carrying case, it, too is extremely high quality.

Luke B.
I wanted it

I wanted it so I bought it. It works great. The free silicone mats was cool, and the bag is super nice too.

Great CS and a great dehydrator

I missed adding the free silicone pads to my cart when I purchased my Sahara, but customer service was very kind and shipped them to me anyways after I got in touch with them. Just got them today and started dehydrating some fruit, and it's worked fabulously. I'm looking forward to using it a lot.

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