• Mesh Drying Sheets

Mesh Drying Sheets

Mesh Drying Sheets

Non-stick mesh drying sheets for use with the Sahara Folding Dehydrator. Great for holding small items, herbs, and more.

Regular Size - 16.5 x 11.4 in, fits the Brod & Taylor Sahara stainless steel shelves.

Small Size - 16 x 10 in, fits the Brod & Taylor Sahara poly plastic shelves.

Customer Reviews

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Angela J.
Must have!

Mesh drying sheets are a must have for dehydrating. They make for easy clean up. Prevents food from sticking to metal racks. I put them in thevtop shelf of the dishwasher.

Works great for the small fruits!

Dehydrating berries was totally mess free with this!

Blueberry Approved

Great mesh sheets. First use/test was with 6 lbs of wild blueberries. This took all 7 racks and mesh sheets. First the con's...no lip on edge so round items like blueberries can roll off the edge as you are spreading them out on the sheets. Big deal. Just place a pile in the middle of the sheet and carefully spread them out, working from one short side to the other. The last con, if you have a small kitchen sink the mesh sheets and stainless racks may not lay flat for easier cleaning. That's what the bathroom tub is for or outside hose. Pro's...fitted to racks, easy, easy to clean. Hot soapy water and the tacky blueberry juice instantly releases leaving no staining. Clean up including stainless racks was under 20 minutes. Minimal scrubbing required. Spray nozzle melted away most juice instantly. Twenty minutes later all was dry and ready to place back into the zippered storage pouch. I allowed juice to collect on the white protective mat at the bottom of the dehydrator and it cleaned up just as quickly as the mesh sheets with no staining either. I would cover the bottom of the dehydrator (over the protective mat) with parchment paper of aluminum foil for even quicker clean up. Optionally, if not using all the racks, you could cover the bottom rack. Mesh hole size is appropriate. These were small wild blueberries and none fell through to the bottom during the drying process. I had been using an American Harvest dehydrator previously for 30 years. Cleaning the round plastic trays was a chore and they stained. The Sahara dehydrator, silicone and mesh sheets are a huge step up in quality and ease of care.

Dalene H.
Mesh sheets

The mesh sheets work great over the racks. I used them to dry mushrooms. Easy to rinse off after use.