• Folding Dough Sheeter 15.5"

Folding Dough Sheeter 15.5"

Folding Dough Sheeter 15.5"


Create flawless laminated doughs in your home kitchen with this simple and compact dough sheeter. The 15.5” size is perfect for countertop use while offering a commercial level capacity for everything from pastry to pizza. 


  • Compact design fit for tabletop use
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Manual operation
  • 55 thickness adjustments
  • Made in Japan
  • Ships with 35.4" x 15.5" Standard Poly Board
Artificial Marble Sheeter Board 15.5"

Artificial Marble Sheeter Board 15.5"
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Customer Reviews

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Really awesome

Makes rolling or laminating dough easy.

How did I make croissants without it?

It took me a few days of going back and forth between “I am getting this” and “But it’s so expensive, and I can roll the dough by hand.” I weighed all the pros and cons: a tiny NYC kitchen, with the amount of croissants I make weekly and the allure of making a recipe that isn’t a “small batch” because that’s all the counter top space I have all tipped the scale towards buying it. It arrived and my first attempt at making croissants was mediocre. My second attempt wasn’t any better, neither was the third or fourth. But each one strengthened my resolve to learn this machine. After many more attempts I realized the problem wasn’t the machine. It was that I didn’t really understand the dough and I wasn’t responding to it the right way. Hand laminating is different for many reasons: pressure we apply, time it takes, etc. the machine changes all of these factors and once you learn to observe the dough, you’ll have a great time making laminated pastries. When I finally learned that, I am now able to make a standard batch croissant recipe- why put all that work in for only 6 croissants at a time? I do it in half the work time, and can get a flaky, honeycomb texture. I can work the dough on warmer days and days when I don’t have as much time. I love this thing. The way I know is when I ask myself “Would I buy this again?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Teri F.

This dough sheeter is a great addition to my kitchen. I was a little hesitant about the price but I took the chance. Sturdy construction, easy to set up and use, easy to clean. I've used it to make danish pastry (laminated yeast dough) and rolled sugar cookies. Rolling the dough is a breeze. I'll be using this for many years to come!

Georgios S.

Hi there does any body knows at what capacity the sheeter will work in terms of dough weight at time

Upgrade Your Baking.

Efficient.  Lamination without a sheeter is a long and tedious process, with often inconsistent results. This dough sheeter gives you a way to speed up the process and achieve professional-level precision.

55 Thickness Selections.  Sheet approximately 500-600g of dough at a time with a wide selection of easy-to-change thicknesses from 0 to 27 mm (every 2.5mm). Additional fine adjustments of +/- 0.5mm.

Manual Hand Crank.  Easy to use, durable, and lightweight. No electricity required.

Made in Japan.  Made of premium materials in Japan and built to last. Light and compact, so you can store it anywhere.

Easy to clean.  Thoughtful design makes it simple to take apart and store.