• Dough Sheeter 12"

Dough Sheeter 12"

Dough Sheeter 12"



Create flawless laminated doughs in your home kitchen with this simple and compact dough sheeter. Its 12” size is perfect for countertop use while still offering enough space to roll out uniform dough for everything from pastry to pizza. 


  • Compact design fit for tabletop use
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Manual operation
  • 10 thickness adjustments
  • Made in Japan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best Kitchen Purchase!

My first time using the sheeter, I was having so much fun, I over rolled my dough! Have used it several times for croissants and PP and it's amazing! My husband was watching and wanted to try, nah, maybe next time. I was on the wait list for this item, received a call that the sheeter was available and ordered it directly with B&T. I received the item quickly and when I unpacked the sheeter, there was also a note from Evan thanking me for my purchase. Love supporting small family owned businesses!

Susan S.
very useful little sheeter!

I use my dough sheeter regularly to make croissants, puff pastry and to refresh my lievito madre for viennoiserie. Lovely little tool, high quality and compact. Even came with a tote bag!

Really a game changer! Love this sheeter!

I make croissants, laminated doughs, chocolate babkas, panettone, and brioches containing Lievito Madre, or firm sourdough starter. Right out of the box, the sheeter was simple and quick to set up, and breezed through a rollout of my 30% hydration firm starter. It's going to be fun to use for all my baking projects! Thanks!

Upgrade Your Baking.

Efficient.  Lamination without a sheeter is a long and tedious process, with often inconsistent results. This dough sheeter gives you a way to speed up the process and achieve professional-level precision.

10 Thickness Selections.  Sheet approximately 250–300 g of dough at a time with a wide selection of easy-to-change thickness adjustments from 1 mm to 17.5 mm.

Manual Hand Crank.  Easy to use, durable, and lightweight. No electricity required.

Made in Japan.  Made of premium materials in Japan and built to last. Light and compact, so you can store it anywhere.

Easy to clean.  Thoughtful design makes it simple to take apart.