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Brod & Taylor Water Kettle and French Press

Water Kettle and French Press

$117.53 $138.00
Brod & Taylor E-gift Card

Brød & Taylor E-Gift Card

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Folding proofer with a bowl of dough inside refurbished
Sahara folding dehydrator, stainless steel shelves

Sahara Folding Dehydrator (Refurbished)

$199.00 $325.00
Sourdough Home

Sourdough Home (Refurbished)

$89.00 $119.00
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VG2 Professional Knife Sharpener
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12-inch compact dough sheeter

Compact Dough Sheeter 12" (Refurbished)

$450.00 $495.00
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Folding Dough Sheeter 15.5" (Refurbished)

Folding Dough Sheeter 15.5" (Refurbished)

$695.00 $850.00
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Classic Knife Sharpener, Original

Classic Knife Sharpener (Refurbished)

$25.00 $79.00
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water tray for the folding proofer
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replacement sides for the folding proofer
replacement rack for the folding proofer

Replacement Proofer Rack

Replacement base for the folding proofer

Folding Proofer Base

Brod & Taylor Apron, black, worn on a model

Brod & Taylor Apron

Brod & Taylor cap, black, front

Brød & Taylor Hat