Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs

  • Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs

Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs


Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs for the Folding Proofer

Dimensions: 12.5" x 15" x 4" (Opened)


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Proofer Accessory Shelf with Folding Legs

New best friend!

Consistent below-oven-measured temps and great recipes have made my yogurt better and the process both more consistent and much faster!
Also provides an overnight nest for sourdough starter in my highly variable commercial location.

Does the job

This extra shelf is a treasure for proofing two loaves of challah... a bit awkward to use, but worth the effort. I'm so delighted to own this.

The cost of the shelf is not aligned with its quality

I was very happy to get a much needed shelf for the Proofer so I can manage two different sourdoughs in one bake. I love-love-love the Proofer, but the shelf is just ok. It's not worth more than $10-12.

The shelf is flimsy and is difficult to put into the Proofer because its foldable legs do not lock well enough in an open position. This is important because you end up taking the shelf out to get to a second dough from the bottom, and then put the shelf back in. The shelf folds flat but there is no space to store it in the folded Proofer. As a result I now have to manage two pieces 'outside' of the box - the electrical cord and the second shelf. :-(

It is also important to understand that a dough temperature becomes a little bit lower on the top shelf as compared to the bottom shelf, by 1-2 degrees. This is not a huge deal - I manage by setting the temp on the Proofer slightly higher.