Sales Tax

Berkshire Innovations, Inc. (dba Brød & Taylor) does not collect sales tax on sales to residents of the United States except residents of MA and CA, or other countries. Unless your purchase is specifically exempt from taxation, it is subject to use tax in all other states, except for Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. All purchasers are obligated to meet their state reporting requirements and details of how to file may be found at the websites of your respective taxing authorities.

Additional notification required by law:

Berkshire Innovations, Inc. is not required to and does not collect sales or use tax in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Vermont. However, these purchases may be subject to use tax unless it is exempt from taxation. Further reporting instructions are as follows:


The Commonwealth of Kentucky requires Kentucky purchasers to report all purchases of tangible personal property that are not taxed by the retailer and pay use tax on those purchases unless exempt under Kentucky law.


Tax may be reported and paid on the Oklahoma individual income tax return [Form 511] or by filing a consumer use tax return [Form 21-1]. The referenced forms and corresponding instructions are available on the Oklahoma Tax Commission website.

South Dakota:

Tax may be reported and paid on the South Dakota use tax form. The use tax form and corresponding instructions are available on the South Dakota Department of Revenue website.


The purchase is subject to state use tax unless specifically exempt. The state requires each Vermont purchaser to report any purchase that was not taxed and to pay tax on the purchase. The tax may be reported and paid on the Vermont use tax form.