• Replacement Knife Sharpener Bars

Replacement Knife Sharpener Bars

Replacement Knife Sharpener Bars


Replacement Bars for the KS-500 Professional Knife Sharpener and the KS-510 Classic Knife Sharpener.

How to Replace the Sharpening Bars

Customer Reviews

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Ivan M.


Shereen Q.

So nice to be able to up?cycle a product instead of just replacing the whole unit. I’ve had mine for years and use it daily. Was showing wear and tear replaced, the bars and it’s a brand new unit again ready for another 6 or so years.

Aleksandar T.
I should get these more often

I think I've owned my original sharpener for 5+ years. This is my 2nd replacement set. The instructions say that bars should be replaced every 3 years. I held out for the first replacement because of the instructions, but I should not have.
Get these as soon as you have trouble sharpening. Just installed a new set, and those knives are sharp!

Nicholas C.
Knives are sharp again

I purchased the sharpening set many years ago when I was in the USA. Now that it needed replacing I purchased this via a proxy (there’s no option to ship to me) and everything was received quickly. Installation was easy and now my knives are sharp again!