• Spice & Coffee Grinder

Spice & Coffee Grinder

Spice & Coffee Grinder


Quiet and precision grinding with sharpened blades and a specialized motor. Easily change coarseness with grind time.

Innovative design includes a dishwasher-safe removable cup to ensure an easy clean up. No more garlic flavored coffee beans!

Durable, polished stainless steel built to last. 300ml, 10oz large size cup.

Customer Reviews

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Run time not adequate.!!

I have no problems with the results of the grinds this grinder does, as I wrote you some time ago, my dislike of the product has to do with only running it for 15 seconds at a time and then letting it cool off for awhile...awhile being unspecified.! Why on earth would you make a grinder that would not run as long as needed at any given instance.? My Krupp grinder can run for minutes without having to stop and wait for it to cool off, and then still, after cleaning grind something else with no waiting periods at all?? I spoke with someone who said he would tell you of this problem, but have not heard back anything at all.! I also told him that if you addressed this issue and made changes to the grinder that would allow it to run as long as needed, a new upgraded version, to please let me be a tester for its performance as I am a retired mechanical engineer and QC expert in what was my own field's. At this point I can only surmise that you have an underpowered motor that gets hot to quick that is causing this to happen, or that along with no means of cooling the motor off with A tiny fan being needed to do so.! In any case for my needs, it has to run as easily and as long as my Krupp grinder before I could ever give it active start rating... Sorry, that won't happen.! I have your knife sharpener and it is flawless in its operation and use.! I hope that you can now make this grinder just as perfect.! If not, then I will seldom use it...sorry.!

Lauren L.
LOVE our morning grind!

Never thought I would love a coffee grinder but this one is the best - easy to use and clean plus it is so quiet. The stainless steel removable cup keeps my spices out of our coffee. Highly recommend this product.

john g.

Get grinder for coffee and spices

David Z.

I have owned many spice grinders. each is worse than the next: they make a mess, they can’t deal with small quantities, they grind unevenly, they can’t deal with hard spices, they’re impossible to clean.

what a relief to use the B&T grinder. its clever protector cap stops the mess; the bowl comes out for easy cleaning; the grinds are even; I’ve yet to encounter a spice it reports as made if kryptonite; and I can grind the small quantity I need.

Professional quality, simplified.

New and improved. We designed a simple and easy-to-use spice and coffee grinder. A consistent grind and quiet operation are just a couple of the thoughtful engineering features. Built to last with polished stainless steel.

Glass Mug Features Infographic

Top cap keeps everything contained. Prevents any ingredients from creating a mess.

Easy to clean. Grind all kinds of spices without making garlic flavored coffee! Large 300ml / 10oz removable stainless steel cup.

One touch operation. Just press the top cap and change coarseness with grind time.