• Spice & Coffee Grinder

Spice & Coffee Grinder

Spice & Coffee Grinder


Fast and quiet grinding with sharpened blades and a specialized motor. Easily change coarseness with grind time.

Innovative design includes a dishwasher-safe removable cup to ensure an easy clean up. No more garlic flavored coffee beans!

Durable, polished stainless steel built to last. 300ml, 10oz large size cup.

Customer Reviews

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Use mostly for grinding spices, but I have also used it to grind dehydrated tomato skins to make tomato powder. Works great for both tasks. I love the inner lid and the washable container is a plus.

Anita T.
Does job well

I use it for spices. Does a great job.

Lauren L.
LOVE our morning grind!

Never thought I would love a coffee grinder but this one is the best - easy to use and clean plus it is so quiet. The stainless steel removable cup keeps my spices out of our coffee. Highly recommend this product.

john g.

Get grinder for coffee and spices

Professional quality, simplified.

New and improved. We designed a simple and easy-to-use spice and coffee grinder. A consistent grind and quiet operation are just a couple of the thoughtful engineering features. Built to last with polished stainless steel.

Glass Mug Features Infographic
Glass Mug Features Infographic

Top cap keeps everything contained. Prevents any ingredients from making a mess.

Easy to clean. Grind all kinds of spices without making garlic flavored coffee! Large 300ml / 10oz removable stainless steel cup.

One touch operation. Just press the top button and change coarseness with grind time.