• High Capacity Baking Scale

High Capacity Baking Scale

High Capacity Baking Scale


High capacity precision scale; weigh up to 15kg / 33lbs (batteries included).

1-gram accuracy; maintain high precision when weighing heavy objects. Units in kilograms (kg), grams (g), pounds:ounces (lb:oz), ounces/fluid ounces (fl oz), and milliliters (ml).

Easy to clean, scratch-resistant tempered glass with extra-bright contrast LCD screen.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent customer service

This was a gift along with the proofing box; however, there was a mix up with this item.
After contacting customer service, a replacement was received quickly and in time for a b-day celebration.
My son loves the larger scale capacity and smooth surface for ease of cleaning.
Great products and great customer service!

James Z.
Love it

Easy to use, easy to clean. Accurate. Just simple and does a great job

Jessica K.
Nice scale

I’ve tried many scales and this one is my favorite. It is super responsive and easy to use.

A remarkable kitchen scale makes a remarkable difference. Your secret weapon to get your prep down to a science.

Simple, Easy-to-Clean Design. Scratch-resistant tempered glass with an extra-bright contrasted LCD screen.

Brod and Taylor Baking Scale with Mixing Ingredients
Brod and Taylor Baking Scale with Flour

Accurate and High Capacity. 1-gram accuracy up to 15kg / 33lbs. Batteries Included.

Built to last. Our rigorous testing ensures best in class dependability, accuracy, and ease of use.

Brod and Taylor Baking Scale pressing Tare button