• Classic Knife Sharpener, Original

Afilador de Cuchillos Clásico (Reacondicionado)

Afilador de Cuchillos Clásico (Reacondicionado)



A Versión robusta y robusta que presenta el mismo carburo de tungsteno austriaco y barras de resorte patentadas con una base de nailon negro. La forma más rápida y sencilla de afilar cualquier cuchillo, incluidos los cuchillos de Damasco dentados y de alta calidad.

Seguro de usar con los mejores cuchillos. Vuelva a alinear los bordes antes de que se desplacen y se desmoronen. Pula un microbisel en los cubiertos más finos sin temor a dañar las hojas. Estos dos pasos mantendrán los cuchillos afilados sin quitar ningún metal. Instrucciones impresas en la parte inferior.

How it Works

Brød & Taylor sharpeners use a completely different sharpening technique, borrowed from the high-technology metal machining industry. Two extremely hard man-made tungsten carbide sharpeners are ground to a precision, specialized shape. Mounted on a spring-action bars, the patented system functions as three distinctly different sharpeners, with the function determined by the angle of the knife as it is pulled through. They are unique in their ability to perform four knife sharpening functions:


Realign a bent edge without removing metal. Great for daily maintenance.

Coarse Sharpen

Quickly restore the correct bevel shape to very dull or damaged knives.


Pull the knife through at an angle to hone and sharpen each serration.

Knife being sharpened on knife sharpener


Carbide Sharpening Surfaces

Unique, ultra-hard, precision ground tungsten carbide sharpening surfaces, like those used in high-precision machine tools, quickly create a more perfect “v” shape and a superior cutting edge. With a simple change in hand position, these sharpeners also fine sharpen (hone) and polish a perfect beveled edge.

Spring-Action Bars

The carbide sharpeners are mounted on patented spring-action bars that adjust automatically to accommodate different blade angles. With the variable angle capability, our sharpeners work beautifully on serrated knives and single-bevel Japanese knives, as well as standard smooth knives.

Long Lasting and Durable

The sharpening mechanism is durable and can be expected to last at least 5 years with normal use. Replacement sharpening bars are available for the Professional and Classic countertop models.

Brød & Taylor Knife Sharpener Comparison

Our VG2 and Original sharpeners use the same tungsten carbide sharpening technology, but the VG2 creates sharper edges on even the hardest knives, has a wider blade angle range, and lasts up to 2x longer.


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SpecificationTable header 1
Base MaterialPA66 Nylon
Knife TypesSharpen Standard, Serrated, and Japanese-Style Knives
-Safe for High-Quality Damascus Blades
Sharpening BarsPrecision-ground ultra-hard carbide sharpeners (HRC 95)
-Patented spring-action bars adjust automatically to accommodate different blade angles
-Sharpening bars last over 5 years with normal use (replacement sharpening bars available)
4¼ x 3½ x 6″ high (11 x 8.5 x 15 cm high)
29 oz / 814 gm
ShippingShips to: U.S.A., Canada and Mexico Only