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Double the capacity of your Proofer.
Our Shelf Kit creates a second level in the Proofer, ideal for proofing 2 quarter sheet pans or 4 loaf pans. Sheet pans should be 14 x 12” / 36 cm x 30.5 cm or smaller. Loaf pans can be about 3” / 8 cm tall while using the Shelf-Kit, allowing the risen bread about 4” / 10 cm maximum height. This Shelf Kit also has fold-out legs, allowing it to be used as an elevated lower rack resting 1¾” / 4.4 cm above the heating plate. When using both shelves, it is best to place the rack with fold-out legs on the bottom level. The standard rack which comes with the Folding Proofer can be placed in the Shelf Kit hangers above for easy placement and removal in the Proofer.

Instruction Manual for Shelf Kit Accessory

Additional Information

Specifications: Set contains one stainless steel rack with fold-out legs and two aluminum supports.
Rack measures 14⅜” x 12¼” (31.2cm x 36.5cm).
Each side support measures 8” x 3¾” (20.3cm x 9.5cm).
Weighs 13.5 ounces / 380 grams.
Warranty: One-year warranty against manufacturing defects