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Our Pocket Knife Sharpener is the most compact model available. Opens manually with a slide and pivot motion. Sharpens standard and serrated knives with right bevel. Features precision-ground ultra-hard tungsten carbide sharpeners and patented spring-action bars that adjust automatically to different blade angles. Performs coarse sharpening (used only for very dull knives) and honing / fine sharpening techniques. Sharpening bars last over 5 years with normal use.

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KS-530 Pocket Knife Sharpener Instruction Manual

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Sharpen standard and serrated knives (right bevel). • Precision-ground ultra-hard carbide sharpeners (HRC 95). • Patented spring-action bars adjust automatically to accommodate different blade angles. • Made of rugged ABS plastic. • Sharpeners last over 5 years with normal use. Dimensions: 2½ x 2¾ x ¾" high (6.5 x 7 x 2 cm high) • Weight: 1.8 oz / 51 gm

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U.S.A., Mexico and Canada • 30-day money back guarantee


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