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These Replacement Sharpening Bars fit our Professional and Classic Knife Sharpeners. They extend the useful life of our durable knife sharpener bases which  reduces waste. The bars feature the same precision-ground ultra-hard tungsten carbide sharpening surfaces (HRC95) that are used in our counter-top knife sharpeners. Replacement bars do not fit the folding knife sharpeners, Pocket and Basic Models. Our sharpening bar surfaces can be expected to last for 5-10 years with normal home use.

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Replacement sharpening bars fit Professional and Classic Knife Sharpeners. • Precision-ground ultra-hard carbide sharpening surfaces (HRC 95). • Black Bars made of PA 66 Nylon • Sharpening bars last over 5 years with normal use. Each sharpening bar measures 4¼" x 1½" x ½" (11 x 4.5 x 1.5 cm) • Package contains two sharpening bars, four end caps and two stainless steel wire rods. • Package weight: 2.0 oz / 57 gm

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