Jars of homemade yogurt

Homemade Yogurt Cost Savings

The Folding Proofer pays for itself in weeks. Make tastier yogurt at a fraction of the price. Making yogurt at home is economical, costing only about one third the amount of store-bought. Cost savings add up quickly. It takes just 19 weeks making homemade to recoup the cost of a Folding Proofer.

Homemade Yogurt 
Commercial Yogurt
Item purchased Organic non-fat milk Organic non-fat Greek yogurt
Cost $3.79/ Half gallon milk $1.99/ 5.3 oz cup
1 week supply Half gallon milk six 5.3 oz cups of yogurt
Greek yogurt produced 32 oz Greek-Style yogurt 31.8 oz Greek yogurt
Cost for 1-week supply $3.79 
Cost for 19-week supply $74 $227

Note: The Folding Proofer uses less than 7 cents in electricity during 4 hours of use to make 2 gallons of yogurt. (Massachusetts electrical rate – State rates may vary)

Savings on Homemade Yogurt after 19 weeks: $153

The Folding Proofer with degree-by-degree temperature control excels as a yogurt maker. Traditional electric yogurt makers generally have factory pre-set temperatures which can overheat delicate cultures or even burn the milk. Make as much as 2 gallons, or as little as one jar in the Proofer using your own jars. Choose the batch size as well as the type and volume of your containers. Avoid commercial plastic pre-sized disposable containers and also prevent waste by using your own jars.

Our unique “High-Low” temperature method works fast, in just 4 hours and produces food-safe, thick yogurt with creamier texture that has earned wonderful reviews. Use the Proofer temperature control to make Greek-style, goat’s milk, lactose-free, and dairy-free yogurt. The Proofer allows exact control of temperature which is really important for customers trying to make high probiotic content, lactose-free yogurt. Thickness and flavor can be controlled to your preference by length of time and temperature and is repeatable. You can use your own custom recipe with consistent results. Learn more about our “High Low” method at The Science of Great Yogurt.

The Folding Proofer remains the only counter-top appliance that folds in seconds for easy storage. Providing a wide range of temperature settings, this multi-functional kitchen appliance opens up endless culturing and cooking possibilities. Precise temperature settings (F or C) and optional humidity control provide reliable and predictable results. Health conscious customers love controlling the ingredients in their foods, using and re-using their own existing kitchenware, and saving money by making them at home. Energy efficient, silent, and space-saving, the Folding Proofer can operate on less than 2 cents an hour of electricity; a win-win for families eager to decrease expenses without sacrificing quality of food. You will find our Proofer food applications continue to expand as customers discover more uses for the lower temperature range of the Folding Proofer.

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