Truly One-of-a-Kind Product

The word “revolutionary” may be a cliche. The word “breakthrough” is surely overused. The phrase “one-of-a-kind” these days seems run-of-the-mill. But the truth is, for the home cook who wants reliable results, the Brød and Taylor Folding Proofer is exactly those things. It’s revolutionary. It’s a breakthrough. It’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Here’s what users have to say about the Folding Proofer

For some time, I’ve wanted to graduate from bread machine to handmade, homemade bread. The Proofer – and its ease of use – has taken the fear out of the transition. At about two and a half inches high when folded for storage, it goes from flat to fully functional and ready to use in less than a minute – more like thirty seconds! The viewing window is perfect for nervous amateurs like me to watch the dough rise without disrupting its progress. In a nutshell, I love this product. It is a tribute to industrial design and a wonderful contribution to home baking.”
Michael – Minneapolis, MN

Baking bread for 60 years, I gambled on temperature and drafts. My one-hundred-year-old home varies 10-15 degrees room to room. Using the Proofer to make sourdough, rye-potato, Italian olive oil, and seeded oatmeal bread, my results are phenomenal! Perfect rise, crumb, crust and stunning shape and appearance…not to mention aroma and taste. Thank you, Brød & Taylor.”
Joan – Teacher, Plankinton, SD

You have an honest proofer that will make all the styrofoam, homemade products and rust-developing oven methodologies just bad memories. I am now an ER doctor … well-versed in discussing reasons why this product will be superior. I am also a trained chef. I have many sourdough cultures from around the world and understand the need for your product to grow the bacteria first and then the wild type yeasts after the growth of the proper bacteria.”
Doug – Physician and Trained Chef, Melbourne, FL

The best part of this proofer is its magical easy chocolate melting ability! I had to make 27 bags of chocolate covered pretzels for my daughter’s class and thanks to this machine I enjoyed every minute of it. It was as easy as putting the chocolate in a bowl…setting a temperature and in no time the chocolate was melted and pretzels were covered.”
Maureen – Hicksville, NY

It’s hard to find a warm spot for proofing in January here in Minnesota. I’ve resorted to space heaters and hot showers to get my bread going. No more! I finished building my wood oven in the backyard so it was a perfect time to make pizza. Both rose beautifully in the Proofer. For fun I even froze two pieces and proofed them from frozen. They also came out well. For my next adventure with it, I’m going to make kvas, a Russian drink made from fermented bread and malt. It has to be fermented in a warm place and the Proofer will be perfect.”
Tim – Edina, MN

The Proofer is easy to set up, and has made making homemade yogurt very simple, eliminating the problem of trying to keep my whole oven within the right temperature range. We’ve been enjoying daily homemade smoothies with all sorts of fresh summer fruit. It’s also worked well for bread proofing as well, giving me more control over how long each rise takes. It’s pretty roomy (tall enough to fit a standing mixer bowl) and big enough for a few loaf pans or something like a large bundt pan or large cake pan (for yeast-based breakfast breads for instance.) When folded, it’s quite compact, though for the moment, I think I’ll be using it often enough to leave it out. I’m a fan!”
Lee Park – Chemistry Professor, Williamstown, MA

I gave up making homemade breads for the last 15 years, but then I came upon your website about a counter-top bread proofer for home use and my interest in returning to a weekly breadmaking day is restored! I have used the Proofer with excellent results. Finally, a fail-proof place to set my yeast-type dough so it will rise!! I am very pleased with the performance of your product.”
Carletta – Murfreesboro, AR

I found the Proofer to be fantastic. I have been reluctant over the years to bake bread since I did not have, in my apartment, a good location to allow the bread to rise.  The Proofer provided a warm, draft free place to allow the dough to rise…no worries…and in less time than the recipe stated. It folds up very very flat, allowing me to store it easily in my tiny apartment. Just great. Perfect for a tiny NYC apartment where we have no control over the temperature.”
Bill – New York City

I’ve been making bread for a few years now and certain recipes have always given me trouble. I just haven’t been able to get them to rise properly—and I’ve tried everything I could think of. I was even considering building my own proofer, but was concerned about the space it would take up. With the Brod and Taylor Folding Proofer those recipes that gave me trouble before have come out perfect. I can’t thank you enough. Any home baker should have one! It makes yogurt easy too!”
–Sharon – Salinas, CA

Now that I have such a sensational proofing gadget, I have control over bread making in terms of time. I can also maximize the use of the oven when previously it was reserved for proofing. Now, I don’t have to worry about the long cold winter months in Calgary, Alberta, thanks to Brød & Taylor.”
Angelina – Calgary, Alberta, Canada