How it Works

How it Works

Creating a Low Temperature Environment for Bread, Yogurt and More

The heating element in the base warms the contents of the interior of the Folding Proofer.

Proofer cutaway

Radiant heat circulates up from the base.

The Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer is the first of its kind, home-use appliance designed to provide a low-temperature environment for many kitchen processes. Radiant heat is generated by the aluminum base plate. Digital controls provide temperature settings from 70-120ºF (21 – 49C). Optionally, humidity may be increased by using the included water tray.

Gentle and consistent heat makes the Folding Proofer perfect for many processes where reliable, low temperature is required. The Proofer is calibrated to maintain the temperature of its contents at the set point, not just the air inside. Measuring internal air temperature may result in inconsistent readings. Read more about temperature settings in the FAQ.

How to set up

Lift the lid and then remove the rack, power cord and water tray. The folding walls are hinged at the back, so simply pivot the walls up and unfold them into position (see 1-4 in photo above). Do not remove the folding walls.

Place water tray on the heating plate, and place the wire rack, with feet facing down, on top. Attach the plug to the input position on the side of the Proofer, then plug the cord into an outlet.

Temperature & Pre-Heat
Press ON/OFF once for the POWER light to come on. Using the UP/DOWN buttons, select your temperature and preheat for 10-15 minutes. The HEATING light will flash on and off when your optimal temperature is reached. Place your mixing bowl, loaf pans or baking sheet on the rack and close the lid.

Humidity Control
The Proofer may be operated in a dry or humid condition. To create a more humid environment, pour approximately ¼ cup (50ml) of water into the water tray and place in the center of the proofer under the wire rack. To boost the humidity more rapidly, use warm or hot tap water.

Fold & Store
Turn your Proofer OFF, unplug the power cord from both the wall and Proofer base, and allow to cool. Lift the lid to remove both wire rack and water tray. Fold the expanded box backwards then pivot it forward onto the base. Put the dry water tray in the front area. Invert the wire rack onto the cross guides. Place the folded power cord on top and towards the back. Close the lid and press to lock. If you have any trouble folding the Proofer for storage with all of the components inside, see our FAQ.