How it Works: Folding Proofer

Creating Accurate Low-Temperature Warmth for Bread, Yogurt and DIY Superfoods


Gentle radiant heat rises from the heated base. Optional water tray creates ideal humidity for rising bread dough.

The Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer creates an environment of consistent low-temperature warmth that is vital for many kitchen processes. Gentle and consistent radiant heat rises from the aluminum base plate. Digital temperature controls provide settings from 70-120F / 21–49C. For rising bread, humidity may be increased by using the included water tray (typical humidity is 60-80%).

A thermostat in the base of the Proofer controls the heat within a narrow range, making the Proofer much more consistent than yogurt makers, dehydrators, or ovens on proof settings. Food is warmed with radiant heat from the base and is generally stable within several degrees.

Ingenious Design Folds Flat for Storage

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Though spacious enough to hold several loaves of bread or a large mixing bowl, the Proofer has been engineered to fold down flat for storage. It will fit easily in a wide kitchen drawer or with sheet pans and cutting boards. Rack and water tray store inside Proofer when closed.

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