Homemade Bread - SourdoughHomemade Bread

Enjoy effortless timing, rich flavors and open, fully-risen textures. A Proofer makes it happen.

Whether you’re a novice bread maker or an experienced enthusiast, this is the tool that helps ensure a flavorful, open-textured bread that is ready when you want it to be.

Timing is Everything
Planning mealtimes is simple with a Proofer. By controlling the temperature, you control the timing. Dough is fully proofed and ready on time when you want it to be. Making cinnamon rolls for a special brunch? No more hungry guests waiting listlessly for breakfast while slow-poke rolls rise. Love having pizza for dinner? Make your favorite pizza crust recipe an on-time performer or try our easy pizza recipe. The Proofer makes it possible to time sourdough pizza reliably, too.

Warm, Full Rise — Delicious Flavor
Homemade Pizza MargheritaA Proofer helps create the best flavors in homemade bread. Select a lower temperature to get the benefits of a long, slow rise. Or speed things up by choosing a warmer temperature, but know that you’ll have the accuracy to stop short of the overly hot conditions that can cause off flavors. To see how a well-fermented dough can produce wonderful flavor, try our easy Focaccia.

A Proofer also helps customize flavors in sourdough. Favor the yeast and limit acid by fermenting at 70-75F, or bring out the best in your culture’s natural acidity with a warmer temperature (85F). The Proofer’s accuracy will help prevent damage to wild yeast, which are far more sensitive to heat than commercial yeast. Great flavor, consistency, and control are yours with the touch of a button. Try our pleasantly tangy Country Sourdough recipe, or see our full article on how to promote or limit acid in Sourdough.

Ultimate Cinnamon RollsGet great Textures, Even with Whole Wheat or Gluten-free Loaves
A Proofer helps breads achieve their best structure and crumb. Rising stretches the dough and contributes to the gluten development necessary for good structure. And being able to control the temperature of the final, shaped proof means there’s less risk of over- or under- proofing due to timing discrepancies with the recipe.

Whole Wheat Breads. Make whole grain breads at home without additives or dry, mealy textures. A warm, controlled rise in the Proofer creates the best flavor and most open texture possible with whole grain flours. Bring out the best in your favorite recipe or try our Buttermilk Seed Bread, it’s packed with whole grain, real food nutrition.

Gluten-free Breads. Gluten-free bread rises beautifully in the Proofer, it’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to make a more delicious, wholesome and affordable alternative to specialized commercial products. Our Gluten-Free Currant Oat Bread recipe is made of whole, nutritious ingredients; no odd-tasting flours or refined starches.

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