Folding Proofer

Make yogurt.
Enjoy homemade bread.
Craft superfoods.
All with one elegant appliance.

Folding Proofer

The Folding Proofer shown open for use and folded flat for storage.

The Folding Proofer provides accurate temperature control in a sleek countertop appliance that folds down flat for storage. With a temperature range of 70-120F / 21-49C and optional humidity, it is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Foods made in the Folding Proofer

A Home Proofer with Professional Results

Accomplished cooks know that the secret to many kitchen processes — rising bread, making yogurt, melting chocolate and culturing healthy probiotic foods — is accurate temperature control. That’s why professionals invest thousands of dollars in commercial proofing ovens, tempering machines and fermenters. Until now, there has been no comparable product for home kitchens. None.

Homemade Cultured ButterThe Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer changes that. It offers home cooks something they’ve never had before: Complete control. Foolproof temperature management. Predictable results.

Home cooks have searched endlessly for a reliable, warm place to rise bread or culture food.  But makeshift solutions yield unpredictable results, which can be downright frustrating. Now you can control these processes like a pro, and have confidence that breads and DIY projects will work.

With the Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer, making wholesome food at home is simple, reliable and absolutely delicious.

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